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Hexagonal 3D Cubes Volume 4 Deluxe

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Hexagonal 3D Cubes Volume 4 Deluxe

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This is a pack of 3D animated, looping videos designed for projection mapping artists, live visual performers and VJs.

By building hexagonal shaped boards and projection mapping these animations onto them you can create stage designs, dj booths or art installations that are easy and cheap to create as well as being modular and scalable.

If you have ever wanted to try video projection mapping then this animation pack combined with video projection mapping software is the perfect thing to get you started creating professional looking visuals shows .

Key Features

16 Foreground Animations with Alpha Channels (Transparency)

16 Background Animations

2 Mapping reference images - designed to help simplify the mapping process - map one simple image first - playback videos and they will all be mapped correctly

8 Static images with alpha channels that provide different composting options and additional cube boarders for extra mapping possibilities

Every animation is exactly 15 seconds long /128 bpm

Animation movements cycle in measures of 4 - adjust the overall

Adjust playback rate in vj software to simultaneously synchronize all clips to 4/4 electronic music

All animations have been designed based on the same formation of 10 hexagons

Compatible with other packs of the hexagonal mapping series

Different colour themes assessable by adjusting hue value in software

Quicktime Video 1080P Square

DXV Codec

Bonus Static Art

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